E-Learning Task Force

E-learning Task Force Aims

The ELTF carries out a number of projects and activities to encourage the exchange of information and foster collaborative working across Europe. You will enjoy being an ELTF member if you enjoy meeting and working with colleagues from other European universities.
ELTF membership is open to the EUNIS(external link) community. You are welcome to join the ELTF provided the university or organisation where you work is a member of EUNIS.
You yourself must be happy to give a small amount of your time to working on ELTF projects and activities. And the ELTF would like some of its members to propose and lead new projects.

The 2010 meeting of the group was in Barcelona on Thursday 4th February 2010. event web pages
The 2011 meeting was in Porto on Wednesday 13th April 2011.2011 event web page
The 2013 meeting was in Lausanne on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April 2013 event web page

Other Activities

* EUNIS Dorup E-learning Award - This group has drawn up regulations for the award and consists of a team of judges and others who help run the scheme. The award was announced at EUNIS2007 and the first EUNIS Dorup E-learning Award was handed out at EUNIS 2008. Leader: Dorte Sidelman (DK)

* E-Learning Snapshots - The Snapshots group runs a survey of e-learning support across Europe. The snapshots scheme has already produced survey reports published as papers at EUNIS2006, EUNIS2007, EUNIS 2008 and EUNIS 2009. Leader: currently vacant

* Future of e-learning - This group has looked at development strategies in a number of universities and aims to provide a regular overview of directions. Leader: James Uhomoibhi (Northern Ireland)

* E-Learning Platforms - The group compares views on the management and development of open platforms. Leader: Yves Epelboin (France)

There is always an opportunity to join one of these activities since group membership changes from time to time. Also the ELTF welcomes proposals for new topics and ELTF members are encouraged to lead working groups or to join one or more of them.


ELTF membership is open to anyone working in a EUNIS member organisation, and many colleagues have participated in activities over recent years. The List of Members consists of those currently involved with one or more of the ELTF activity groups above.

The EUNIS E-Learning Task Force is led by Gill Ferrell (gill.ferrell@northumbria.ac.uk)